๐Ÿ›’ NEW eCommerce Store Template - use STRIPE, Cashapp or PayPal for selling your products

Glidecart is here! After months of building and testing, Glidecart is finally available in the template store.

Thanks to all the Gliders that tested the earlier version and gave feedback. The final product is packed with features :love_you_gesture:t4:

The Glidecart template also comes with access to a wiki for how-tos like adding product variations to your store.

List of features below. Hit the link and preview as a customer or store admin to check it out. Happy Gliding!!

Shop With Ease

  • Search by product name, category, brand, price, and color
  • Public with sign in to shop
  • Enable browsing by category or brand
  • Enable a store announcement banner

Manage Your Inventory

  • Color and size variations
  • Set pick location and instructions
  • Backorder calculation
  • Sold Out and On Sale tags
  • Product categories
  • Product brands

Upgrade Your Order Settings

  • Order tracking via USPS API link
  • Paypal and Cash app payment
  • Allow customers to add notes
  • Allow gift orders
  • Manage and schedule discount codes

Customize Your Store Settings

  • Enable product reviews
  • Set delivery fees and taxes
  • Manage pickup options like location and instructions
  • Include your own size chart
  • Add store FAQs
  • Enable product reviews
  • Enable โ€œSimilar Itemsโ€ on the product page

Congratulations on getting this published in the template store! I, as well as many others have been waiting for it and I know youโ€™ve put a ton of time, thought, effort, and testing into the process of developing this store! :star_struck::partying_face::clap:t2::raised_hands:t2:


Thank you Deena!

Your input for adding brands and the ability to search for them will benefit a lot of users that use the template :wink:


Nice presentation!

What software did you use to create it?
I have tested several ones but I keep looking for the best one to my ads.

Thanks and feliz dรญa @Lisa

Great job @Lisa!

This is such a great app!

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This is amazing @Lisa. Congratulations

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@SantiagoPerez @Pratik_Shah Thanks guys!

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Amazing job. Congratulations Lisa!

Are we supposed to preview the template with an email or something? Iโ€™m getting a blank screen.

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Thanks! Can you screenshot it? It should show up like below:

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It looks like this for me.


The preview emails are:

Store owner - admin@riegelgroupe.com
Customer - customer@riegelgroupe.com

Iโ€™ll resubmit once I find the issue.


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I canโ€™t access the template anymore by the link above. Is it still available?

For some reason the link was updated.

You can see the demo live here:


Thanks @Lisa

Beautiful work Lisa.
I did something similar for a customer and then another customer asked me to turn it into multi vendor store.
I would have put it here but itโ€™s in Hebrew so you wonโ€™t get around easily

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Just a word of advice. A lot of times Iโ€™ll load a foreign language app in my browser, then through the browser menu Iโ€™ll set it to translate to English. This makes viewing apps in a different language a little easier to follow.

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Very nice app!


@Jeff_Hager thanks for the tip! Iโ€™d love to preview your app @yinon_raviv with this trick.

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In that case will upload here so you could see

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Hi Both @Lisa and @Jeff_Hager

the app of the store. this one is a fish store so hope you could understand the flow although in Hebrew :slight_smile:
This store is alloeing the customer to order and send the order to the store (SMS.Whatsapp, Email) but donโ€™t include payment.

This one is a multi vendor store which alloe multiple sellars create store and sell to customers. this one iclude several ways of payment such as paypal, paybox (israeli digital wallet company) and bit (israeli digital wallet company). decided not to implement credit card billing as the vendors didnโ€™t want to invest in this at the momentโ€ฆ this is a community app so it present many businesses but not all businesses has a store.

will love to here you thoughts.

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