Custom CART FUNCTION with/without payment button

Hi, I understand some of our more new fellow gliders have been struggling to create a pseudo cart. This single & multi vendor shopping cart is some 6-7 months old. But, it is the same cart from which I developed my more recent state of the art “pseudo” carts. If I could do it, so could you!

I am making this available for any1 to copy to get ideas on how to create your own shopping cart.

Only thing I would recommend is you take a look at the latest work of magic conjured up by @Mark, known as joined list. I call it the “comma magic”. It is a very powerful feature with which you can save umpteen numbers of rows and sheets by locking several values scattered over several cells on different tabs in one SINGLE CELL. You worn’t appreciate it until you have tried it.

Hope you find this helpful.

Thank you


Hello Wiz.Wazeer, first of all thank you very much for this wonderful contribution. We greatly value your work to develop an application like this. It only remains to translate and adapt a business. Greetings from Argentina.


Welcome to the community @Pablo_Reyna

Thank you for the warm words, and greetings to Argentina.

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Thanks! To make this work, do you have to create a private app so that everyone has to log in? I’m not sure how to make it so that each users quantity is set to them, and not whoever was in the app previously.

Also intended for @frenat

This same template you can see implemented and in action on the following tmps:

All my restaurant templates available in the Glide template store.

I have a few others that I built for clients but due to privacy and copyright reasons I don’t have permission to share them with you.

The template doesn’t require customers to sign up. But this temp was developed around April/early may of this year when we lacked a lot of the features we have now. Everything is there. Just play around with it. I developed in such a away as to hive the restaurant owner a choice between requiring/not requiring customers to sign up. That’s why I require the customers to add their shipping details. For each customer, a receipt is created which they can view in app under confirmations.

Just play with it. If you find it too cumbersome to handle, just buy one of my restaurant templates using this this cart as a plugin, so to speak.

Thank you.

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Thanks so much! My issues is that I’m trying to so something SUPER simple. In short, we have an fall festival, heavily driven my info and events, and want to sell pumpkins for families. This all started because I couldn’t figure out how to make it so people could buy more than one! HAHA!

I’ve been digging into the example you sent, which is awesome, but can’t boil it down to just my simple implementation. Thanks for your time!!!


These ppl you plan to sell pumpkins to, they will be paying in cash ? Also you plan to build a public app?

No, they will pay with a CC when they place their order. And yes, the app will be public, but we could make it private if it helps getting this accomplished. HA! There’s really nothing else that needs to be private however.

If by CC you mean Credit card, then we are looking at Stripe as your solution especially if same person can order any quantity. Problem with PayPal I can take it directly to their website and get clients to pay using CC, getting them to order more than 1 qty of the same item is a task :joy:.

If CC and Stripe, you could do it with glide (without the capital G).

All you need to do is:

  1. Create a menu tab (pumpkins)
  2. Don’t need orders or confirmation tabs. Stripe does that automatically for you.

After creating your menu page, upload it. Make sure next to a lovely pumpkin :jack_o_lantern: picture, have the price. Add a SkU also. Anything alpha numeric to make life easy for stripe.

Add the Stripe buy button and that’s it.

You will not have to keep any part of your app private.

Actually there is free Stripe template from Glide in the template store. Use that as your guide.

Right, but they can’t order more than one. At least I can’t find an easy solution.

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@frenat I will build it for you and will send you the app when I’m done.


You’re awesome!


Hie there, thank you so much for sharing your app.
I want to do something similar, only this time not in the buying context but more like add ingredient to recipe form.
Is there a way to do that without using the buy button?
the reason is to avoid the stripe prompt…

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@Keith_Chikumbirike, Thank you :blush:

Please, expand a little on the idea for me. I’m not sure I quite follow the association with the cart/form here (sorry).

  1. Who will add the ingredients?
  2. Who will view the ingredients?
  3. What would you like to see happen after person A has viewed ingredient X?

If you require privacy, you are more than welcome to pm me.


Well the idea is more of an ‘add to list’, in this case

  1. The ingredients are preloaded in a meal database and to clarify the idea concept; what is added to the cart is the meal, not the ingredients
  2. The cook/chef etc views the entire menu (cart) with the different meals starter, main, dessert, etc
  3. After the chef/cook is satisfied with his menu (cart) he can now view the summarised list of ingredients and generate quote for the guest, or ingredient qty list for supplier and export share…

the chef can use for planning parties etc

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Okay @Keith_Chikumbirike, I follow you now. Customer builds own menu item made from chef’s ingredients. Hmmmm nice one! Either way chef is in his comfort zone.

Here is a layout:

You upload all ingredients. Instead of calling your items menu items just call them ingredients. So prawn bhuna becomes onions, and in that order.


  1. Person A will select from a pool of ingredients. It could be any combination of ingredients.
    (build your menu item tab). This is currently the menu tab on SC app. Name it what you like. Remove all prices etc. You just need ingredients (menu items)
  2. A then passes selected ingredients they want their meal to be made up of to the cart for chef/kitchen to decide if meal from selected ingredients possible, and quote price. (The selected ingredients tab/cart). Currently the cart.
  3. The Chef :man_cook: is happy to prepare meal and quotes price.
    (This is currently the confirmations screen placed inside the cart tab). All you need to add here is a number component for price and set visibility to you chef only. When you receive order, you just add price, and send in-app confirmation, after a few minutes of customer receiving confirmation.
  4. Chef :man_cook: prepares meal :shallow_pan_of_food: based on selection. Eat, pay & go!!!

You should already be able to build your app using the shopping cart temp.

Thank you :blush:

All the best.

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Thank you so much…
Especially for taking the time to assist.
Let me try it this way…I’m a Glide newbie lol.


You a newbie? no problem…download my idiot’s guide for dummies, designed to create experts out of newbies like us!

Many thanks, Wiz. Going through it…