Shopping cart in without registration. public app

We managed to send us by WhatsApp the purchase made in the app.
Hello everyone, this must be strange for you, but for those of us who live in countries like Argentina where Stripe does not work and electronic commerce is not as developed. These solutions are very important.

This is an example where we generate a shopping cart in a public app without the need for mail or registration.
We only ask for the data in the last step in order to confirm the recipient of the order.

The second is a variation that I made for my clients. so it does not have the subtract button. They are people who are used to working in this way. It is not the end customer who may hesitate when making a purchase.
I appreciate the information on the forum, it would have been impossible otherwise.
I accept constructive criticism


Hi Dario, so I take it all values are user-specific right? In the form you filter all items that have a user-specific quantity > 0?

@ThinhDinh Hello, if the values ​​are specific to each user. there is no form
sorry my english, it’s with the translator

No worries about the English. I was wondering if the values are specific to each user and you’re not using a form, how do you clear the cart after each purchase is confirmed?

Try making a purchase and then do a refresh and log back in

That “clears” a session right? Wouldn’t that create confusion for customers who have confirmed their payment, go back and see the items still in the cart?

Maybe, these apps are for my clients in principle, most send the message and do not return to the app. And if he comes back, he is gone
anyway they confirm the order when the whatsapp has been sent


Your idea is good. I am looking for avoiding shopping cart as well. I try to implement something else but so far I still not able to do as your.

If you can do it don’t forget to share it with me.
Looking forward to hear from you.

@Nocodemobileapp Send me a private and we’ll chat. Regards

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Here I put the improved Dario’s idea to clear the selection and quantities during the order process.

By using Checklist option we can make it but we lose the image/photo associated to product on the way. That is the reason to use a 2nd Inline List.

Sorry for the ping pong effect which causes these rare problems with the selected quantities and products! A terrible problem that needs to be eliminated as soon as posiible. @Mark helps us :muscle:

Saludos @Tuttografica

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@gvalero Gustavo, Great for preventionists or sales agents. How do you complete the order? regards

This has been a very helpful post. Thanks for sharing.
How were you able to generate the text that was sent as a message in whatsapp?