Simple Shopping Cart (Order Apps)

Hi… I just made a simple order system without using stripe. Hope you can check it out


Nice job. Slick UX/UI. What would be the next step to order the products and clear the cart? Another form button marking the order as “purchased”? Zapier action to send receipt of purchase?

Yes nice and clean.

Thanks all… @Robert_Petitto Actually i made this app for rice farmer in Malaysia. The goverment are give them a subsidies based on registered land. They can choose subsidies product from the apps then submit the list by manual (hand) at goverment office counter. As you said, im planning to do a purchased (checkout) button and send some info by following standard merchent API.

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Great Job. Congratulations!

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Congratulations for this great example of order system without stripe, Its a great and simple implementatiom!!! I have some doubts about relations of the excels that you create. is there any way I could contact you directly? my email is

Good job!
When I order something and later change the quantity it adds next raw with the same item.
is it any way to change number in the existing raw?

Allow editing when viewing the row details or add a choice component to change the value.

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How did you get the total?

Any update on how to send the order via email and then clear the cells?

Hola @EN71ZR

You need to create your own cart tab and add compound actions to the buttons/on submission form.

Hi, i try to use your app but i can’t understand how to complete the order. It’s your app stopped? Thanks

Viewing the Row Detail, check the “Allow users to Edit” then only add the Edit Component of “Number Entry” of the Quantity. I also add the “Allow users to delete”.
I hope that helps!

First add a “Math” Column to your table and do the formula (Quantity*Price)

Then add a “Rollup” Column for summarize the first column you make

Finally mark the Email column as ROW OWNER