Product page and Cart page without payment

I need to create a sales order form app. The app will have a page of products that links to a screen where the user can select a quantity of the product and added it to their cart. When they are ready, they can click “Order” and it sends their order as an email to me (the Glide admin). I do not want to capture payments.

I have looked through the other relevant posts regarding cart without Stripe but there is no simple answer to this. Is it possible? So far I have been able to write the product quantity to a row but I haven’t managed to pull through the product name as this is not user inputted content.

For example, in their own demo it also does not pull through the name… Maybe I am missing something.

If you are adding it via a form on a details screen of the product, you should be able to pull both the quantity chosen (as a user-specific column) and the product name/ID through.

This should link to the same row of the item the user is viewing. Then you can use an add row fucntion to add both the quantity and the product name/ID.

Thanks for the answer. So that is exactly what I’m doing, but for some reason it’s not writing the product name to the sheet… I’ll take anther look and attach screenshots in a minute.

Firstly you should not use an Add Row on submit action, forms automaticaly add a row so if you add a row again it will be a duplicate.

Then, you’re only showing the product as a text inside that form. You need to click the “+” button on the same row with the “screen” section on the bottom left of the screen, search for the screen column callled “Product”, then point it to the Product column in the Cart sheet.

Ohhh okay I see, thank you very much. I’ve got the user email and product name coming through now. Thank you. Next step is to group products that are the same and their quantities in the cart tab, and then email the order. Thank for the assistance.

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If you get stuck with that part, don’t hesitate asking questions (in another thread).