Submit form + buy button action

Two part question:

Part #1

In my app, I have a shop item (coffee beans) that has some variables. (Origin & Grind Size).

I need a user to select the options, submit the form AND add to cart.

Currently, some are only doing one. (Submitting the form OR adding to cart.)

Is there a way to have someone submit the form and add to cart with one action or button click? My app is Public with Email.

Part #2

Once they submit this info and add it to cart, what’s the best way to associate the info to the purchase? Currently these show up in separate tabs. (Choice Responses and Stripe Purchases.)

Thanks in advance!


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UPDATE: Adding screenshots of my app, as well as a couple relevant discussions that might help but aren’t solved.

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There isn’t a way to do this yet…maybe clearly provide your users “Steps” for the form?

Step 1: Select options

Include dropdowns

Step 2: Add to cart

Include buy button

Step 3: Click Submit

Screenshot of arrow pointing to Submit button? :upside_down_face:

As for linking, the only common columns would be email and product and day/hour of purchase, right? Could you create a template in each sheet with a combination of these values and then do a relation?

Thanks Rob!

I might be too picky for the steps – thats alot of extra text. but I think having my note right below the add to cart button might help. #feature-requests

I’ve noticed that my App:Sales sheet doesn’t show up in my Glide Data editor. Is that normal?

I’ll add those columns and link them up. Does it matter if the date/time from the form isn’t precisely the same as the order submission? Or if they have a previous order in the sheet?

I’m hoping to wipe out orders somehow daily.

My take from the other thread.

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yeah…you’d have to import them from the App Sales sheet the into a new sheet to make a relation. Exact time stamp won’t match, but you could get away with day/hour. Might not be needed at all, I was just thinking of repeat customers the same day perhaps.

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