Building a store

I am trying to build a store where users can buy specific products. So, I started with the below example and I was wondering how to go about it.

The product is sold in three sizes: 400grm, 1kg,2kg with a specific price per package.
How can I provide users with the option to select & buy the package they desire?

Is it also possible to implement a cart approach for purchasing?


Hi @Aj2666, I haven’t tried the Glide built in purchase function because it uses Stripe and they aren’t available in Brazil yet, so I can’t answer about the cart approach, but I can help with your other question.

I think that what you are trying to do is possible using the “choice” component (for the product size) and visibility rules for the buy buttons. If it was an external button all you had to do was create 3 or 4 buttons (one for each product size and one for the “disabled state”), when the user reaches the product page and the size isn’t select they will see a button with a label like “Choose the product size”, each choice will trigger a visibility rule to make the correct button visible.

I don’t know if buy buttons work in the exact same way but a similar approach should be possible if anything is different.

I think the cart approach could be possible. I think you would just need a form button on the product detail page to submit the product, any selections, and user email to a form response sheet. I would think you can use formulas to figure out the total amount due. You could have a cart sheet that contains the total amount due. There you would use the Buy Button and send the total amount to Stripe.

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