How to give a total price of several products without occupying buy button

Hello, I am new to creating applications in Glide, and I was making an app for my small business of food deliveries by order where the client chooses a food category for example “meats” and the options are shown all the types of meat we sell select the type and the app gives you a final price, the fact is that I can not use stripe to accept payments because it is not available even in my country :(.

But I would like to know if there is a method where the client can select several products and that these give him a total to pay, they would help me a lot if someone can provide me with a solution or another method to do it.

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Hi Rod and welcome!

You can read Jeff’s explanation on how to create a custom cart here and see Lisa’s beautiful and elaborated solution here.

Let me know if this helps!


I see her part 3 do you know where part 1 and 2 is @Ofer_Chama

No, I’m afraid not. Let’s wait for Lisa to reply :slight_smile: