Shopping Cart to accept unselected amount and more

Hi there,
this just to share an idea to improve the Shopping Cart, that is usable at 99%, but that 1% missing make it useless.
When we but something over internet we have to pay for deliveries, accordingly with distance and other reasons we may pay more or less. And after we make payment we receive an email or similar.

In the Glide tool I don`t know if the user is buying something until he both it, then I can’t interfere in the middle of the transaction, so this is the first request to open a way to understand something is going on.
In glide I can’t add “delivery fees” of any type unless I ask the customer to do something (push a flag or similar and then make him push the Buy Button dissimulating that it is a Buy Button to add the fees to the Cart).
So this is the second request, to make possible to push the fees or any other amount and description from the application without user interference.

Third request is to give us a Summary of the products, amount, description, address etc… when the FINAL PAYMENT is done, in order to prepare an email conveniently (without build another infrastructure by ourselves).

If there is already solution for this points that I’ve not considered, please forgive me and possibly give me proper suggestions, but what I mean is to simplify the Glide functions to reduce backward works.


Simply saying, I think the Stripe connection needs to be improved since discussions about this have been brought up many times in the community.

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I’m looking into Stripe at the moment. 4 things I’ve noticed:

  1. No increment button. If you want more than 1 of the same item you need to add item to cart again. My PayPal integration takes care of that. Increase/decrease not a problem.

  2. Jeff brought it to our attention. If email address and name not that of the signed in user, you have some running around to do. But this I think I have solved but it’s only patch on the crack.

  3. The App sales sheet is locked. I don’t know about others but I have unlocked this sheet successfully and can play around with it.

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Sales did you mean.
But this sheet is produced by stripes only when the payment is completed, isn’t so?

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:joy: yes, by Stripe. But nothing is locked forever.

I think is very important. Because of that I can’t buy the product (the product must be usable to sell other that to give info) and I cant even try to sell the product to the Japanese retail market, that I think many might be interested to have a tool like that in a easy a cheap way.
I should suspend the “online” shop for now, waiting for something better.

@trisixnine Do you have a sample app and a workflow you are looking. I will try to look around. Haven’t worked on Stripe so it will be a learning for me.

@ThinhDinh: Since i had not worked with Stripe, is it possible to create aa dummy/demo/free account on Stripe without any cost?

I need to create a copy, but in this very moment everything is mixed because Im working to find a solution.
in the mean time you can use the standard one, is the same way Im applying.
Now Im strugling only to let the user add the fee once ( probably I found the way actually, but I need to make it better).
when ill finished ill come back here to share my work

We don’t have Stripe here in Vietnam so I don’t know, but if I recall right you can test with fake cards in Glide staging.

For your second request for Delivery Charges. I came up with idea of check the delivery location upfront before allowing it to add to cart. Basically you can have another table with delivery region and Delivery Charge. Then using Choice we can ask user to first select the delivery location and update the price accordingly(discount column being user specific column). The price is instantly update as selection is made. Check out the images below.

I will setup Stripe if it’s free to help you out with 3rd request. For each order there is a record created in stripe table probably you can try displaying that on successful transaction may be.

First One i didn’t actual get the exact requirement.

também acredito que o carrinho de compras pode, e deve existir, como forma de executar o pedido pelo aplicativo e não necessariamente envolver pagamentos que podem ser feitos na hora da entrega do produto ( o que considero mais coerente com pequenas empresas e empreenderores)

Well my requirements came from a daily briefing with my self :nerd_face:, is not something I didn’t pondered enough.:last_quarter_moon_with_face:

If you ask a customer to pay some nuts for 35 instead of 3 because 32 $ are of delivery fees, he might not come back to you, so he has to see exactly for what is paying for. That way to increse the goods amount I’ve already applied with the increment function, other that with the similar solution you bring forth, it doesn’t work well. Then you have to handle the fact that the fees must be applied once, but if he might select the option to take into the shop, then you have to remove ( I know there are the possible column if then else but there are other situation that might avoid those solution to work perfectly).

Anyway the problem is to pass the proper amount, not mixed.

About the third request, yes you are right, in my test I didn’t see those details because the item were preceded by the “test” words, i was confused, then it’s ok indeed.

The first requirement is needed to know if the cart is not empty in order, for example, to hide the “one time” button “Do you accept the fees” that will add the fees to the cart and if the cart is empty we have to remove those. Currently if I ask the customer to add fees, I don’t know if this is the first time I was asking, then I’ve to implement unnecessary flags that are deteriorating my db and script (less you write better it is).

Really we can avoid a lot of frustrating third ways if we just have those requirements I described above.

Thanks for your effort anyway because it lead me to explain it better.

I can sense the issue with Stripe and shopping cart. I will suggest below features for “Add To Cart”:

  1. Add to Cart should have quantity also.
  2. Add to Cart should add these details to “cart” table.
  3. If checkout is successful then it should link stripe and “cart” table so that we can differentiate which items were purchased and which are added but never purchased for analytics
  4. A way to add delivery/miscellaneous charges on the checkout button page.

@trisixnine Did you check Google Analytics for your first request. I suppose it will give you some insight.

@david @Mark: Above for Shopping Cart Improvement

Never thought, even because I don’t know much this Google tool. How can Google help me for something that happen inside Glide?

This is my App with Google Analytics integrated ( I can lot of information like number of unique users, which countries and many more. It’s free and easy to integrate. You can Message me if you have you want to integrate and facing any issue.
Only for Pro Apps.

You can learn more about it here:

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I understand, indeed looks great.
But my actual requirement was just from the technical point of view, I mean Im in need to understand if the user pushed down the BUY button and then the \cart is not empty, so in this case I can hide some info…