Please Test: Shopping Cart

We’re preparing to release a Shopping Cart for use with the Buy Button.

Here’s an example app:

Please try using it on You can also copy the Pokéstore sample.

Currently adding to cart only works in the builder, but it should work in staging apps later today.


The “Add to cart” button should be changed to “added to cart” once clicked. It’s a little bit confusing, we don’t know if it worked or not and have to switch to the cart to check, than to go back to the left tab.

Another alternative would be to have somewhere a message saying “added to cart”, to inform the user the item is in the cart.

Will there be a way to add quantities for the items?

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Thanks for the feedback Christophe! As a matter of fact we’re still rolling changes to both the UI and UX of the newly added Shopping Cart :wink:

I cant add items to the cart in the preview staging app… using chrome

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We’re working on it :slight_smile:

“Added” pop-up : :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Got a test card etc we can use? Will we see a form soon attached to a payment button?

You can use 4242 4242 4242 4242 for testing. Please do not enter real credit card numbers on staging!



Tried it on iPhone X, works well, very seamless. Obviously needs address field etc if your using it to post an item but for a concept it’s great. Be wonderful if it could somehow be tied to a form to capture other data you might want or need. This could then be used to sell subscriptions to use the app. Keep up the great work :+1:

You can configure the Buy Button to require an address, then the checkout screen will ask you to enter one.

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Great feature!
1-Is it possible to have the quantity of an item you want to buy, instead of a list of the same item?
2-From the Cart, is it possible to have a link to the item in order to see the details of the item again
and add a new one to the cart if needed
Thank you

I think it’s up to you (when the feature will be availble) to build the Workflow and details as needed. This feature is “just” to add a list item in a shopping cart component.

I look forward to that feature!

it works! cool


will you support other credit solution besides Stripe? they are not working in IL so I can’t use them…


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Maybe an option for Cash on delivery (COD) option can be added till/ and/or / in conjunction to support to other credit cards are introduced. Please note that a substantial number of customers (specifically in PS) prefers COD as most do not use Credit Cards even if they do have it; its mainly a trust issue in credit card system.

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In IL people prefer most of the times credit card when shopping online.

@david, @Mark, @JackVaughan

Appreciate your response to this. Not having the ability to pay with credit card truly limits the ability to provide solutions in IL.

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We have no immediate plans beyond Stripe. Can you recommend a provider for Israel?

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There’s something wrong with the app…

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