Please Test: Shopping Cart

Please also consider providing a Cash on Delivery option (COD). Thanks

Looks great and behaved nicely! Other payment options like Paypal or Stripe would be good.

On another note:
the stagings template does not seem to exist any longer. do you still have a copy to play around with?

Stripe is the payment processor.

Ah nice. As mentioned, can;t see the template on staging, so just clicked around and saw CC info and not the associated provider.

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Do you mean you can’t copy the app because it’s full screen now?
=> brings me to the app to interact with it, but no copying option
=> going on staging, can start new apps from templates, but can’t find that template

I posted a question about copying here. There is most likely not a standard template for that app. Just something David created to demonstrate the cart. I’m also not sure if it was able to be copied to begin with.

Gotcha. Thought so because he wrote “You can also copy the Pokéstore sample”

Was mostly hoping to be able to take a look into sth else there:)

Thanks for the help here and everywhere Jeff, much appreciated!

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Any news about adding items quantity option in shopping cart?


Any news on incorporating COD to the Cart? Now would be the perfect time to utilize, at least in my country. Thanks

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Can I change the buy button for a “finish” button?

Where does glide stands with respect to providing / integrating COD option?


Echoing the desires to show item quantity as well as a cash on delivery purchase option. This would be solve a huge need for COVID-19 apps.

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I really like the initial implementation of the products, cart and checkout process. Great to know. :+1:

My feature requests:

  • Post checkout: have a list of orders previously made.

  • Possibly using the progress bar component build a small timeline post checkout: ordered (rowID #)> pay processed (return a value from stripe and append it to row on sheet) > seller notes (insert field from sellers manual google sheet entry, eg ‘shipping’ or ‘shipped’ or ‘delivered’ or ‘problem’ or ‘…insert sellers own…’

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You can always duplicate the App Sales sheet into another sheet that is visible to Glide. Then use relations or filtering by signed in user to show only the records for the signed in user.
For your progress bar, you could use the same duplicated sheet and add another column that contains whatever value you need to populate the progress bar.

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