How to setup Stripe payment in Glide app with own shopping cart with several shipping options

Good evening!

Working on my first application in Glide and have several questions. Answers and ideas would be very appeciated.
This is a webshop model.

  1. “Buy” button connected to Stripe is very simple and gives no options to set something.
    If I, for example, purchase same item twice I will see 2 items with quantity = 1 in the Cart. That’s not looking good. It would be great to have one item with quantity = 2. But , again, original Shopping cart from Buy button seems to miss that kind of functionality.
    Hot to make it?

  2. I need to have several options for delivery, that user can select with radio button during checkout. How to implement that? Stripe checkout has no settings on that.

  3. I would like to autofill delivery address from user profile on checkout. Again, no option on Stripe checkout. How to do it?