Create Checkout button and then give customer the option of cash, delivery or Pickup

Hi There, Im helping my friend who is running the restaurants. Im new to the glide. And please bear with me incase my question and queries donot fullfill the criteria. Im building the app though glide and I wanted to create the check out button after the items is put into the cart. however once the customers click check out button in the app, it should give the customer option to select cash, delivery or pickup ( I undertand there is no local payment gateway we can integrate )and the same details could be sent or populated in the google sheet of the restaurant owner. IF anyone cant help. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

I assume you’re using Glide’s native cart, is that correct?


Hi @ThinhDinh , yes I have used the prebuilt native cart. If i select the new component Buy Button then it would ask me to connect to the Stripe payment gateway. So I have used the pre built cart. Is there anyway you can suggest how I can achieve my requirement.

At the moment there’s no really good UI to achieve a per-order payment method, if you use Stripe, it would be straight cash before the order is written to the Sheet through the buy button.

I think an alternative for you is write the single items of each order into an “Order Items” sheet, then present the 3 choices with an inline list of items in the order.

If the user chooses to pay at that point, then show them the buy button.

If the user chooses delivery or pickup, show a form to write the complete order (you would need to find a way to join the order items using a common value among the items using a Joined List column) to the Orders sheet.

It should not be this complicated and I really do think the Buy Button needs an upgrade, hopefully my idea would help.


Hi @ThinhDinh . Thank you for taking time to explain. Well Im still stuck. And since Im new to glide Im not able to understand your alternative method. Is there any video or guide that I can follow?. I too really feel that the buy button should have more features. Glide should at least let the new user use all the available features and set a trial period and then keep an option to upgrade. Since Im new & Im stuck in the middle and now looking forward to give up and move to some other app builder where I can use all the features for trail and then upgrade it later. Once again I really thank you for your assistance.

It’s not about the Pro plan upgrade, more about the fact that the Buy Button in general needs more upgrades.