New Stripe Checkout

@david Can we use the new Stripe Checkout as way of payment in Glide?
This would mean so much for Dutch Gliders because they have Ideal included which is being used by most Dutch people!

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I believe you can link to Stripe checkout, and configure some way for it to write back to your sheet.

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Also did you notice:



Haha, no :wink:

If Stripe can help me this way make a subscription-based service within Glide that would be even better (they say so) :wink: Than I can stop Memberful + Dutch to sort this :wink:


David, this is what is possible in Stripe Checkout now, but not via the buy button in Glide yet.
This would help so much. I can imagine there needs to be done something on your side, but you would make the Dutch audience happy!

Do you mean link to stripe checkout as in a webview vs the buy button?

I was wondering the same. I am hoping for the buy button as a checkout option.

Interesting, this may help:

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BTW, CTO? Who’s the CEO? haha jkjk

Glad to see this thread has been started. Was wondering if Stripe Checkout would have an impact on the Buy Button. So…not YET? :wink:

No, and if I have to sort stuff myself with Stripe it won’t happen :wink: Too complex to be Blom-proof :wink:

I got this working rather easily through They have payment links, that you can easily add to your google sheet. You will need a mollie account for that, but it’s free and you only pay for the payments that get through. How I did this:

  1. Create a payment link for every product in mollie.
  2. Copy that link into your google sheet
  3. Create a button with that link from your google sheet

You can also redirect back to your application after a successful payment. If you want to land your customers on a specific screen within your app, you can use deeplinks that have recently be released by the team.

A few downsides to this method:

  1. You will not be able to collect any date from the customer. So you should build a form for that, if you need something like a shipping address. In our case, it’s an online download, so we don’t need it.
  2. You will be redirected, although the process feels quite integrated.
  3. Some payment methods like bank transfers will not be paid immediately. Currently Mollie only redirect customers to a specific page, once the payment is completed. So redirecting will work fine for methods such as IDEAL and SOFORT, but will not work for payments such as bank transfers.

I the end, I would prefer to see glide integrating the full checkout experience from Stripe. It’s more elegant, and it’s more native. However, for the time being this might be a solution for you.


Thank you for sharing @wtzr, this is interesting and I’ll keep this in mind.

goed te weten!