One of my most wanted features - Form with buy payment button

I have recently added a 3rd party form with payment button (for a non tangible item) to add a item to a glide app using webview.

Sure, it works, but there are issues :weary:


Issues that frustrate me by not using glide for this include:

  • The design does not match that of the glide app

  • I have to format some of the data within the glide app once the it has been submitted

  • I have to use a 3rd party form builder (I would rather glide has my business/money)

  • To import the data I have to use 3rd party software, which has its own issues and is just another thing to maintain.

  • I miss out on using glides special fields having to request the information manually (again) from the user.

Absolutely I could get the user to fill in a form and then send them an invoice etc but this is just too much admin and let’s be honest not very practical

I have created a ‘wish list’ item (some time ago) and hoping that this feature may become a reality soon. :crossed_fingers:

Here is what I need, desperately.

A native form within glide to which a payment button is added.

The users fill out a glide form, makes the payment and then the item is added to the google sheet. “Ta-da!” All done :white_check_mark:

Great for advertising, membership & to pay services rather than a physical ‘product‘

With the introduction of visibility control of tabs this will be a winner I’m sure. You can then open up part of the app to those paying to use/see it.

Then it would be goodbye :wave: to memberful, integromat, Cognito forms etc - all of which are such an overhead and pain to set up and maintain.

Plus I have so many accounts for ‘stuff’ I don’t really want to use but am forced to, to get ‘it done’

To sweeten the deal also I will happily give glide the 2% or 10% or whatever fee :moneybag: on top of Stripe’s transaction fees simply because it will save me so much time and headache and make it ‘so pro’

Most of all my clients would love it (not that I have many but I’m working really hard on it, trust me)

Would you use or like this feature? Welcome to hear your views on this matter. :+1: :+1: :+1:

We are only as good as the tools we use to craft our apps

Thanks for reading and apologies if I went on and on and on but I had to get this out there.



To clarify, Glide has already have “Buy Button” that’s connected to Stripe.
You can add a button that takes you to$amount or any other channels

Here’s one way:

It’s not a glide native gateway, but the above doesn’t use any 3rd party ! May be I am missing something !

Thanks I am aware glide has buy now button however it does not provide the solution.

Here is my proposed flow.

Create a tab in google sheet, let’s say I want to capture 10 data items.

I then create a form within glide for the user to complete. The form will capture those 10 data items (all required)

The user completes the glide form.

At the bottom of the form the payment details are entered by the user.

The buy now button is then selected.

The payment is made and then the form data is added to the underlying sheet.

This is not possible?

Am I missing something?

Now I see your point :slight_smile:
This is one way of doing it (given the current limitation we have):
One sheet to capture the items. and one sheet to capture the orders as you suggested.

  • Step 1x: When user click on “Place Order”, or “Add item to Order”, it will add a row per each item (something like add to cart) (this is a recursive step).
  • Step 2: When User click “Make Payment”, the order row will change from empty (or unpaid) to Paid.
  • Step 3: (Optional): As this doesn’t automate getting payment reference number and feed it back into G.S, you can ask user via third button e.g. t “To confirm payment, enter payment reference #”

Now, let’s go to Google sheet

Under Sheet=items,
The form will capture all the items information. You need to add two more columns

  • Order_Number, and
  • Order_Item_Number
    Use some basic commands to produce a unique ID,
    something like this

At this point, Column=“Payment_Status” is empty because it read from Orders sheet Payment_Status column, using a formula like this

Under Sheet=Orders:

  • Order number is automatically pulled form Items sheet, using a command like this
  • When payment is made, a payment-status column within Orders sheet is marked as Paid and
    The Items Sheet Payment_Stauts will vlookup it and their status switches from empty to Paid.
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Thanks. You can see my dilemma and how this work around is not ideal, just wish it was possible in glide. Simple order form with a pay now button. Cheers


I believe that binding the “checkout” button to a custom function would solve all the problems. I really do not understand why “stripe” has to be used in cart function.
Stripe is not working everywhere and it’s just related to checkout button.
If we can post the cart content to stripe it can also be posted to anywhere (to a google sheet or a web hook)

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We can see about one thing; That the solution provided by Glide supposed to give Stripe and Glide a deal for their revenue. The other workarounds, as far as I can see in the community and in the marketplace, are ways we tried not to pay that fee and to save our costs, which I could say that Glide might not be so happy about it already, but somehow it is a path we have to find our own way.

I agreed with the way to ask for a how-to from the community. But when it comes to asking for a feature which totally against their revenue model. I hoped you’d understand that it’s hard to see it really happens by those reasons.

I disagree with that idea.
The ideas are endless
It’s very easy to create another plan with “commerce” functions and increase the monthly price accordingly.