Glide Pages Buy button integration not available

I am currently on 14 days trial business plan. I don’t see option of buy button and shopping chart option under Stripe. I can just see Stripe invoice related option. How I can implemented Buy/payment checkout feature on glide e-commerce related pages ? Thanks for your help in advance.

You will have to add a button to the page and add the Stripe action to that button to send an invoice.

I can go into detail about carts and rollups but its a big can of worms.

Thanks for your response.

Do you have any document which I can refer to ?
Yes I am using Stipe Invoice in action button, but config do not looks simple as it was with GlideApps/Stride integration before. On glide pages things looks different.

The buy button isn’t a thing that Glide plans to bring to the new Glide Apps.


The docs for the Stripe integration is here.

I haven’t used it, but from reading it I assume this is currently how things work:

  • You’re only able to create a new invoice for a specific user, and the payment process happens outside Glide.

  • Glide does not support bringing back the payment info anymore, and you have to do it with an external service like Make: trigger when an invoice is paid, then take the invoice’s info, do further lookups if needed, and add a row to your database (whether it be Glide Tables - through the API, Google Sheets, Airtable or something else).

Thanks for providing update and clarification.
Not sure why Glide has decided to drop payment feature?
Some kind of payment gateway integration from Glide would help many e-commerce related Glide clients. Hopefully Glide introduce this in future versions.

I would say they’re focusing more on what they call “dark apps” (internal apps for companies, not public-facing apps).