Glide - Stripe integration in 2023


I am wondering what is the status of using Stripe so that your Glide app users can buy a product and/or subscription through the Glide app. I’ve seen from some discussion here and a lesson in Glide University that there was some buy button at some point, that I suppose doesn’t exist anymore because I can’t find it.

Currently, does the Stripe integration has to happen through another party like Make / Zapier or is there a more direct way to connect Glide Tables with Stripe, like with API/webhooks?

Thank you so much for your help.

Yes… you can use google scripts


There’s a native Stripe integration, but only on Business/Enterprise level.

Thank you ThinhDinh.
May I ask in case you know, does that integration allow for handling user subscriptions? Or in general what it can do other than “Send an invoice with Stripe” as it mentions in its description?

Thank you Uzo. So that would be a webhook to a Google Script (or even a Google Function script I guess) which does something with Stripe API and then returns via Glide API something to Glide?

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Yes, you can fetch payment results back to Glide… here is the sample (use a test card 4242424242424242 to try) add any item from the list to the cart… and then check out.

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Buy button with Stripe integration is still available in Classic apps!

Hey @dimitris, you can use a google sheet and zapier to create custom stripe links that then show up in your app e.g. if certain conditions are meet and your customers can buy it. This way you can also offer other payment methods then credit card which you can set in stripe or integrate other payment options. I rebuilt a complete checkout flow but have to admit that it takes some time… plus, you’ll probably need a pro version of zapier too since syncing and payment link creation otherwise takes too long.

I believe that’s the only action supported for now. I haven’t actually used it, though. I build Stripe flows on Make.

how do you have the user’s enter their CC info?
I tried using the web embed component, but it’s not loading.

I heard that pop-ups is an issue on iOS due to Safari blocking them.

Try this, Stripe does not allow embedding.

@Ralf amazing, I see!
So you’re making an API call, passing along the customer/transaction data and you display the webhook response which is a ‘open url’ action.
Pretty intuitive. How would you re-route the user to the App after the transaction is complete?

And- I don’t have iPhone, but I’m assuming it works there as well?

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It’s just an url to an image!
var linkSuccess =

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I see!
I guess I could potentially do a redirect to a detail screen within the App

You will have 2 Apps open at the same time

Could you explain?

You will redirect to the Stripe page from the App… then back link will open a new window with your app

I see :face_with_monocle:
I would actually assume that clicking a direct link to Glide will open it natively in the PWA and not as a web page.

You can’t embed Stripe… that’s why it is hard to deal with mobile… Users can close everything… You might consider PayPal… or paid Glide plan, where you can embed a Google web app that will handle Stripe and close the success link… or Classic Apps… where web view is free.

Well, what do you think of @Ralf 's solution?

Actually, I have access to Glide Web Embed, but it doesn’t work for Stripe
As Ralf mentioned earlier. Stripe does not allow embedding

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