Stripe: after payment flow

Hello, I have integrated Stripe using the Buy Now button.

I have 2 concerns that I would like to get some help on:

  1. Once payment is completed, screen remains in previous screen. Is there anyway to direct user to a specific screen in the app?

  2. Test transactions are showing up fine in my Stripe dashboard, but on the Glide side the App: Purchases table is not being created.

Thank you!

Unfortunately at the moment that’s a no.

Seems like you have to have a Google Sheets connected to have that filled. Glide won’t create a Glide Table for you to provide transaction details.

Thanks for your response @ThinhDinh!

Do you know of any other solutions in using Stripe with Glide that is not by using the Buy Now button? that can possibly be a bit more customizable in the user experience?

I will create a Google Sheets to see if the App Purchases is sent there.

I did do that a while ago (custom Stripe integration). Basically I have a subscription-based app and generated a Stripe link through their API when my customer signs a contract, then I put that link back to the app.

But that’s about it. I’m not sure what you want in your user experience flow. Ours went as far as this.

I might have to use this alternative, as I am having a lot of difficulties with direct stripe integration with the buy now button…

these are the type of problems I am encountering:

  • the shopping carts gets populated with data that I cannot remove…
  • user experience flow is very bad, screen has no redirect to any tab, there is no level of customization
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You will only get to a certain level of customization with Stripe Checkout as well, but yeah, it might be better for your use case.

yeah… unfortunately it is not letting me embed the stripe payment link into glide… have been trying multiple roads here

Yeah, Stripe is not embeddable. You have to allow the user to open the payment link in a new tab.

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yes, after reviewing all possible scenarios on best way to implement stripe payment, I am going with the native integration with Stripe.

so to reduce any delays and lags i was experiencing, I am transferring all transactional data to glide sheets

i am now encountering problem with passing on pricing to stripe without it being a computed field… any thoughts or tricks into this? there isnt a way to copy a column item with formula, correct?