Payment Button

For some reason the “Buy Button” is not in my list of buttons. Anyone might know if i am missing something?

It’s only available in Classic Apps. There is no Buy Button in the New Glide Apps.

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Ohhh I see thanks. Is there a solation around if you need items purchased on app?

You’ll have to build your own payment integration or use whatever integrations Glide may provide in the future.

I have a sample of PayPal and Stripe payments here:

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This is very very nice. Thank you for sharing @Uzo.

The stripe checkout doesn’t seem to be working for me thoguh

Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 3.08.28 PM

Thank you for letting me know. Do you remember what you did? I can’t reproduce that error… it works well from my side. @frojas
I see you have a 1 PAID transaction from Stripe…

Oh, I see, dam Glide changed User Profiles, relations… so when you signed in, it did not read the correct values… You can’t really rely on Glide! i will fix it… the non-log-in users work fine.

Great you caught that one!!

Yes… I agree, too many little details and tricks. The checking back to confirm a payment from Stripe to the User is a pain. Delays are long.

You can use stripe payment links pretty effectively, even without knowing the customer’s email (eg if you are on a lower tier plan).