Alternative to Payhere - Formula in Sheet with Stripe

Hello Glide Community,

May be you see the last update of stripe :

With this update, it’s nom possible with a formula to create a payment link directly in the sheet.

It seems to be a good alternative to Payhere and a good way to save 3%

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Except that the Stripe payment links can’t be embedded into Glide…so users would need to exit your app to complete payment.


Good to know I didn’t try.

You can pass the current screen url, so when you done or cancel… it will go back to glide app

True… still not the slickest UX

You gonna end up with 2 apps open, besides that, no issue

Well, another issue would be that the user, when returning to the app, could return in a different browser all together and be forced to sign back in and then be navigated to a different tab than the one they were on…but besides that…:

m working on the solution right now… i think it will work

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here is the solution to that problem:

it goes back to the designated page…

Hm…didn’t work. Took me back to the correct browser but the wrong tab.

Really??? It works good in mine

Tnx for testing… let me fix that… what browser are you using?


Yes… i did figure it… I’m in the chat with safari experts , to make it happen