How to automatically update a text/number after payment via stripe instead of manually updation

I’m planning for a paid unlock button for each item. So once the user pay for a specific item via stripe, then it should automatically update in the sheet via a flag/text.

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Try this

Thanks for sharing but zap takes 15mins to update right. User can’t wait for 15mins in the app. So any other possible which can update immediately?

You mean the flag/text would show that the user has completed the purchase, is that correct?

With a buy button setup, all transactions are automatically recorded to your App: Sales sheet, unfortunately it can not be read by Glide as of now, and you will need to use a formula to duplicate it, make a relation linking a template containing the item ID and the signed-in email to the same formatting template column in the duplicated sales sheet. If the relation is not empty, the user has bought the item and vice versa.

Of course, matter will get more “interesting” if you want to add another payment method (e.g. PayPal.).

Webview component can’t open within the App, so it will re-route you out of GlideApp and you will lose the reference - hence you need to ask user to “confirm payment” once payment made.

Glide is not yet integrated with PayPal to automatically add a line in App: Sales sheet, so you need to handle this manually before you do the steps mentioned by @ThinDinh above.


I tried to use Webview to fill in an order form in Clickfunnels and it would not let me view the order part either (although I could see the rest of the page). I’m not sure which part of the process was blocking it - Glide / Clickfunnels / Stripe. So for now I am designing to just pay in Glide and pay the additional 2%.