Update row after payment faster

Hello !

I have a simple membership system built in to access premium app content with one-time Stripe payment. So far everything is correct.

There is only one problem: the app takes about 15 sec to update the user’s status to “Premium” (by Google sheets), so after the purchase, the user still sees the “Subscribe” button and the contents don’t change to premium.

Is there a way to speed this up easily? No zapier, no Integromat…
And if there is, a template that I can see?

Thank you!

nope, it is recorded in google sheets… so you need to wait for glide to sync… you can add a refresh button, that will write some value, like a current date to GS, that will force Glide to refresh

Thank you, it’s a good solution, I’ll try it.

Is this process faster by using zapier or Integromat, or will be the same issue?

the fastest is the google script, plus is free and unlimited.

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Thank you!!

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If your Glide Subscription permits, you can use Make/Zapier together with the Glide API to update the subscription details. This reduces the delay to 5 seconds or less.


Thank you Darren!
Any real example?

I’m pretty sure that Bob covers it in the below tutorial:

Yes, I watched it. But I want to use Stripe…
And I don’t know how to adapt this tutorial to Stripe… :expressionless:

Payhere is basically a stripe “extension” that allows you to embed payment links. You can do this with native stripe links, but you wouldn’t be able to embed the payment links within your Glide app.

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