Subscription payment lag on Glide

Quick question on random subscription payment lags.
I have subscription payments that go from Payhere > Make > Glide
Normally the automation successfully goes from payhere to glide immediately and everything is great for the user. But sometimes - like today - it takes several minutes for Glide to acknowledge that a payment was made and it’s jarring. Especially when someone is paying hundreds of dollars. What causes this? Is it from Glide updates? Is it Make?

I can see on payhere it shows immediately, but it’s been taking another 5 minutes to show on Glide today. Some days it’s taken 45 minutes to show up! But then it goes to being immediate. I do have a pop up that says it can take a few minutes but still, it’s uncomfortable when it happens!

Do you use the Glide API to write to the destination table?

Exactly what I was going to ask…I know my older YouTube video references a Make scenario that uses Google Sheet modules, but it’s INFINITELY faster when using Glide API (via HTTP modules in Make) instead.


I’m not sure Thinh, because I had Mauricio do it! So I assume yes?

You can tell by looking at your Make scenario. If it’s using the API, you’ll see HTTP (blue modules), but if it’s updating the Google Spreadsheet you’ll see GSheet (green) modules.

I see HTTP here:

hehe, you have both :wink:
Bit hard to read when I zoom in, but it does look like the subscription handling stuff is done via the API.
But you should have a close look at those GSheet modules at the bottom to see what they do.

I don’t exactly know how to use/read Make but i do know that i have two different scenarios going bc one subscription is on glide tables and one is on google sheets!

Ya…for sure it shouldn’t take 45 minutes. Adding new records to the table via API should take seconds. You might want to check the history of the scenario to look for any anomalies.

In the same app? Ya…I’d convert the Google Sheets logic over to API. Google Sheet → Glide app sync is super laggy at times.

Yes - same app! When I started building out my tables I didn’t realize that google sheets and tables were slightly different, and then I was so deep in i couldn’t bring myself to switch them all over to one.

When you say ‘covert the google sheets logic’, that is just something that is done on Make right? I don’t have to change anything on Glide? I did notice that all of the 5 minutes delays today were while I was trying to pay subscriptions with the Google Sheet one.

Yeah, that makes sense. You’ll get much better performance if you convert that one to use the API. The changes would be made in Make. If you’re not confident doing that yourself, then my advice would be to contact whoever created the Make scenarios for you, and ask them to convert it. If that’s not an option, then possibly one of us (Bob, Thinh or myself) can probably help you out.

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Thanks Darren! I’ll ask them if they can switch it over!!