Delay in synchronization between Google Sheet and Glide

Delay in synchronization between Google Sheet and Glide.
Is there a way to decrease the sync time between Glide and Google Sheet? When I post new updates to Google… I have to wait 1-2 minutes before they are loaded on Glide.
This is a problem for my latest app that I am developing. :frowning:

I have this sync refresh
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I don’t think anybody could afford the cost to sync every few seconds. :wink:

How it works, is when data comes from the Glide app, it is sent to the Google sheet within a few seconds. At this time I believe Glide will also ping the sheet to check for any updates. That’s what refresh ‘Only on Edit’ does.

Any time there is data updated in the Google sheet, then (at Google’s mercy and discretion), it will send the updates to Glide. Usually the first update will happen within seconds, but any subsequent updates happen every few minutes. Again, this part is controlled by Google itself. However, there are exceptions, such as time, random, import type functions in the sheet that will NOT cause google to send any updates to Glide unless you are manually manipulating the sheet at that time.

When you switch to refresh ‘While editing or using the app’, Glide will ping and pull data every few minutes to trigger and account for any possible formulas like ImportRange that google would not normally send out to glide. The background refresh option is only to guaranteed that data is synced between Glide and Google regularly.

Glide apps aren’t directly connected to a google sheet. They are connected to a copy of the database that is cached locally on the user’s device and then synced between glide servers and then to google servers and back again. Realtime updates to and from the google sheet would be a major bandwidth hog, if even possible, and would most likely skyrocket operation costs.

Can you explain a little more what your updates are and why they are so time sensitive and why they can’t be done directly in a glide app?


I have maked a new delivery app, but for a best user experience I have used a zapier action for add product in cart.
Zapier is fast and 1 second add the product in the sheet… But glide refresh it in 1-2 min

Can you specify more about that “add product” part? You are building a custom cart?

Yes, I created a custom cart and unlike the other times … This time I didn’t want to use the show form function to add the product … But I used a zapier button.

There is Compound Actions that Glide is currently working on. May be a little while before it’s released, but I think it has the features you would need. It’s my understanding that one of the features is that it can submit a form (add row) without actually opening a form. If you can wait for awhile, then you can accomplish what you want without having to use Zapier and without any delay.

Oh thanks, yes I have seen and it is just what I need.
Unfortunately this app was commissioned to me and I only have a few days to deliver it :sob:

Sorry, without actually using a form, I don’t of a way to avoid the delay, unless you you change your logic and maybe do something with user specific columns and an increment button action, but I’m not sure how well something like that would work, especially when you need to clear the selections after purchase.

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I was wondering if it was possible to add a refresh database trigger on glide after a zapier action… as it is done after a send form

You could add a switch or a button with the increment action to set a value that would update the sheet and trigger a resync. That’s about it.

Ok tnx, the temporary solution was to remove Zapier and insert a form with the order summary

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