Refreshing Data from Google Sheets

Hello, would appreciate any advice.

I have a pro app & using an Integromat scenario when triggered using a button in the app takes 20 seconds to fill in a value in a column.

Data Settings are set to Refresh (While editing or using the app) but it takes several minutes before Glide refreshes the new data.

What is the time frame usually that Glide periodically refreshes data from the Google Sheets in pro apps? and are there ways to get this data from Google Sheets to Glide faster?

This is not a solution. Just an explanation. Something needs to trigger that synchronization if you need it to happen sooner. If data doesn’t change on the glide side, then I think it will check the Google sheet every few minutes for updated data. I believe if you have the sheet open and make a change yourself, then Google might sent that update to glide, but there is no guarantee on how timely that is. Certain formulas, scripts, or outside changes (such as updates from integromat) won’t necessarily trigger Google to send the update to glide. My only suggestion is to also update some data in the sheet at that same time that you trigger the webhook. It might help, but if your integromat scenario is taking 20 seconds to update the sheet, then glide might be missing that small windows when it’s actively checking for updated data that may have been recalculated in the sheet.


We use custom action made up of both a Webhook Action and an Increment Action (before/after our webhooks) so that when what Jeff said above happens, and all three services sync accordingly, updating the user-facing app.

Sometimes its lags for a few seconds, but it’s been working good enough so far! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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