Sync rule with google sheets

since updates become one of the important resources - we forced go to Glide table. But for now not everything possible made without google sheet.

so, my question about Google sync. how rapidlly it is? what’s force Glide to sync with Google?

the cases:

  1. i put manually information into google sheet. change some cels, one by one during … 5 minutes.
    how much sync it use? each cell - one sync?

  2. i paste several data to google table from other source, then paste data to other table, and so on. each paste - one sync?

  3. in google sheets i have a computed cell that depend on date. so each day hundred rows change information (all at once). is it use a sync?

  4. like question (3), but different cells changes in different time (for example: count a day after login. so people login in different time). each changes - one sync?

i guess, Glide don’t get immediat information about state of data in google sheet. and check it after several time. is it so? what time is it?

or Glide do from time to time AND each time that store data from Glide to Google?

well known how it work - will help use resources of updates (sync) better.


Take a look at this info to understand better how Glide works Glide Docs • Data Refresh



i get, that sync become each time Google say about appear new data.
but how offen google do it, related to my case?

I think if you are working directly in the google sheet, usually the first update happens immediately, and after that, google will send updates every 5 minutes or so. I’m not completely sure.

If you turn on Extra Updates, then glide will check for new updates in the sheet every few minutes while the app is in use.

  1. Every sync counts as an update.
  2. An update will be counted every time Glide checks for updates, OR every time Google sends updates to Glide.
  3. Is the day calculation something you could do in glide instead with computed columns?
  4. If you can move logic to glide, then you don’t have to worry about computations happening in the sheet and waiting for them to sync to Glide.

yes, i try move to glide all i can.

and thx for uswer: every 5 min. i will aim on it.

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