Google sheet and Glide refresh data and sync


I am using starter plan in Glide and i have usecase where we have 3000 Indian stock market live rates in google sheet using Google Finance formula where buy and sell signals are provided based on current market price.

The google sheet keeps updating itself every second during the market.

Glide is unable to fetch live rates which is ok, i want to atleast update data in 10 to 15 minutes.

Currently it only update if i use manual refresh, or make some changes in app, or open app for a long time.

Kindly help

I don’t have any other suggestions other than enabling extra Sync, but it may kill your updates count.


Or, use Fetch JSON and construct your Sheet to be available for API calls, you may hear some thoughts from @gvalero on it.


Hola @Ankur !

To complement the Thinh’s suggestion, the fastest update you will get in Glide will be every 10 seconds if you carry out it manually.

I’d use the Google Sheets API to get it although it has a limit and some considerations if your APP is public and many users will use it at the same time.

here more info and examples: