Glide<>Google sheet : Refresh rate control

Hi everyone, this is Kavita. I am a prospect customer for Glide and have an operational questions.
I want to use Glide to sync my google sheets data for my clients to access it easily, without having to use google sheets.
I have one problem. My google sheet is connected with real market data and it refreshes every 10 seconds. The plan I wish to pursue provides only 10k sync/month, which means my sync get exhausted in 4 days.
Do you have a work around up your sleeve for this issue?
I am thinking more in terms of setting a refresh control formula on google sheet.

I will be very grateful if you could help me work this out.


That’s probably the best approach.

One thing you might find is that even though the data refreshes every 10 seconds in the Google Sheet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will sync with Glide every 10 seconds. It will much likely be a lot less frequently than that, depending on how your App is being used, and your Data Sync setting.

I’d recommend reviewing the below:

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Are you connecting with real market data using an API? If that’s the case, probably there’s a chance you can do it using the Call API action inside Glide.

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