Google spreadsheet update in data taking time,

Updating my spreadsheet via macros, after updating the data in glide it takes to update after almost 3 minutes later.

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If the change is happening on the spreadsheet, this is normal behavior.


What do your macros do?
If you want instant results, then the best approach is to minimise calculations in your Google Spreadsheet and do as much as possible in Glide using computed columns.


The change is in the spreadsheet, but almost 3 minutes is a lot to update the data in the app, because I have an ordering app and it doesn’t take that long to update, just a few seconds.

I have app for society soccer, where the macro form the teams by player level, only when I finish this task with the macros, it takes more than 2 minutes to update the app screen.

If a data change is initiated by the app, then that change will first sync to the database on the glide server, then that will initiate the sync of the data to the Google sheet. If there are calculations that happen in the Google sheet and they happen quickly enough, then I believe Glide will do another check for updated data in the Google sheet to update the glide database before going to sleep for a few minutes (assuming you have pro and have the background refresh/sync turned on). If you do not have background sync turned on, then the sync between glide and the Google sheet will only happen if data changes on the glide side, or Google initiates an update and sends it to glide. Once the glide database has been updated with the latest Google sheet data, then it will push it out to the local copy of any app that is currently open.

Glide can’t ping Google’s API every second to check for updates and Google isn’t going to push out updates every second. That would probably kill the internet, or drive costs above anything we could afford.

What you are experiencing is normal. The app itself does not have a direct connection to the Google sheet and most likely doesn’t know that a Google sheet even exists. It syncs with the glide server, and the glide server syncs with the Google sheet. It’s not reasonable for that much data to travel back and forth real time. It happens in batches with breaks in between, but glide will initiate a check for updated data if you made a data change on the glide side, or the auto refresh (which runs every few minutes) occured. Anything relying on Google to send the data to Glide is at the mercy of Google.


It takes up to 3 minutes to get data in GS to sync back to a device with Glide. It can take 15-30 seconds, but also 2 or 3 minutes.

Glide does not instantly pick up changed values in existing rows. It’s better with new rows, but not speedy.


I am reviving this old topic - just to understand how long it normally takes for a change done in Google sheet to get back to the Glide App (so that I can use it in building a screen, etc.)

Normally, the two changes I do in Google sheet are:

  1. Add new basic columns when I realize the need - I restrict computed columns to Glide Data Editor mostly
  2. Fix some data issues - update some values or even add some new rows - I realized that it is better to do this in the DATA area now.

I waited for 1 minutes, a few minutes, but somehow I am not seeing it reflected until I click on the manual sync - is there any downside to using manual sync? Are there any other better ways to do what I am doing?

You can add it from the data view inside Glide’s builder.

Yes, if it’s just some manual edits, then do it inside Glide.

Do you have extra sync enabled?

That is great to know…Thanks a lot

I don’t know what this means :slight_smile: - I am sorry.

Settings → Data → Sync Mode

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Hey Jeff and Other Glide SMEs,

When we add new columns to the Google sheets – and try to do manual sync multiple times, Glide app cannot pull the data updates (newly added columns) from the Google sheet. The sync itself is happening, as we do see some of our data changes (done in google sheet in existing columns and cells) do correctly get updated in Glide app. Only the newly added columns are not getting pulled in by Glide despite the manual sync.

Is there something we are missing regarding the steps we should take?

Can you record a video of the problem using Loom? Thank you.

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Hey ThinhDinh, It looks like the new columns (added to google Sheets) were being added at the tail end of the Glide table and the operation was a bit delayed. So it looked like a bug, but it is just some delayed operations.

However, the problem we do keep encountering is the inability to delete a column from glide tables that are sync-ed with google sheets. Do you know if the “column delete” operation is supported and allowed on Glide tables?

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