Inconsistency and Speed Issue with Glideapp

Dear Community,

We are having a business account, and so far all is good until recently that the performance of Glideapps has been inconsistency and speed of updating computed column is an issue:

  1. Computed Columns providing small data set is inconsistency and we have to check on an hourly basis on the data updated to Google Sheet to be correct!

  2. BUilder Editor has been breaking and could experience "Oh Sheet! … " when we work on it within 30 mins of work. Terrible lag.

  3. Data is not updated to Google Sheet at times (or at all), despite we have turned on Sync mode = Extra

We are working with a glide expert and he has first hand experience with all the above.

Kindly advise and any guidance is highly appreciated.

From my experience, there is no real reason to turn on extra sync mode. It will slow down your app and cost you Glide quotas. When needed, you can force glide to sync by setting the column with a new value, like a current date.
I will only use that feature when you have some live values in sheets, like the Stock market and currency… or you are scrapping websites.


HI Uzo,

Thanks for your feedback…

We have only started using this mode for past 1 month when we find that the speed is slowing down, despite having just a small dataset of less than 300 in some sheets.

Our solution is not time sensitive, but the performance has been not up to expectation lately. Not sure if Glide has decided to abandon Glideapp users and fully focus on Pages. Being said that, we still need time to switch over to Pages, since we just started using the platform for coming to 8 months.

We have subscribe to the business plan since day 1.

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Is there a reason you keep the data in the Sheets instead of moving it to Glide Tables?

The data is kept in the Glide Table. even so the computed columns in glide table is not getting the correct data at times.

Is that happening in the Glide editor or also in Live App?

Both Live App & Editor

Can you take a screenshot of your data columns and point out the incorrect data?

Hi Uzo,

This particular column kept getting inconsistent values.

When i use the Glide Editor, the data is correct. But whenever our users use their mobile to update via the Live app, the data become inconsistent. Right now we need to check periodically and update manually whenever we find any abnormalities.

I see you have a list based on relation. There might be a problem with how it is set up… Remember that Glide recently changed how the User Profile sheet works, and many of my Apps stop working correctly. There is no more empty user email as a non-log-in visitor… and some more weird changes. You might want to rebuild all relations and tests.

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Hi Uzo, thanks for your prompt reply and advice. May i know where can i check on this updates regarding the User Profile Sheet?

Our apps don’t actually use the default User Sheet if I am not wrong.

They did not post it anywhere. They just did it without warning and put many of us in deep sh…t

Can you elaborate this point?

Before, you could have the non-logged-in user in the Profile Sheet in the row where the email is empty and do all relations and functions based on that row. Now you can’t do this anymore. It will give you the wrong data… that’s why lots of Glide users, will experience errors.

Still not understanding this. Why would anyone relate the data with an empty row?

Not an empty row… empty email, that will represent non-signed user.

So you mean if there is a visitor, it will create a row with empty email on our User Profile sheet?

NO… it will be assigned to that row… that was a very powerful function to deal with public users.

Can you please screen record and reproduce the issue? So we know what wrong we are doing?

No… it does not exist anymore… that’s why everybody has to redo their functions for public users.
You never use that???