Speed up sync between Google and Glide

Hi All,

I am having an issue with the sync between google and Glide.

The scenario is this:
User registers on my website (purchases a program) >> then Zapier adds the user to the app (creates a new row in the profiles tab and writes his email into the Google sheet) with all the relevant info to the program he purchases (so when the user logs in the first time, all the relevant content is there).

It takes over 2-3 minutes to sync the new row into Glide (ie the row appears in the Google sheet but not in Glide)

The user logs into the app and then a second row is created in the profile tab (and that messes up everything).

Is there a way to speed up the sync between Google and Glide?
Of course I can try to delay the user log in but that will be a poor UX



Well if you choose the free tier in Zappier or Integromat, there’s a sort of latency time. However in a paid plan you can expect that the action is done in less than one minute. I’m not sure if that may help or not ?

I think we talked about it here


I am on a subscription plan with Zapier.

Thanks! I will take a close look.

  1. Is your GlideApp free or pro? Pro apps usually sync quicker than free.

  2. You could modify your zap to add or update spreadsheet row where it would update a row if the email already exists in the sheet so that you don’t have duplicate rows.


  1. It’s a Pro app.
  2. I could but the scenario is that Zap trigger always happens before the login.

Is it Private Pro?
If yes, then you could take advantage of the Allowed Email list feature - which would prevent a user from signing in until the row appears in your User Profiles sheet. It wouldn’t speed things up, but it would solve your duplicate entries issue.

Thanks. My app isn’t private but that’s a good idea otherwise.

We need to make a first-class Zapier integration—then the new row would add instantly.


Hi Glide Team, Is the sync feature improved… I really need it.
My use case : i need to create multiple rows at the same time from a group list. I use a coma-separated list of emails, that i pass through Zapier Loop for Text feature, to create multiple GSheet rows. Everything works fine, except the GSheets>Glide sync latency which is too long (minutes)(i have both Glide and Zapier pro accounts). Is there a “sync action” that would let me force the sync to get faster. Thanks !

You could add an additional action that updates a sheet value to kick off the sync. As long as your zap updates the sheet quick enough, it may catch and pull in the new rows.