Does upgrading to starter to pro makes glide sync faster to google sheet?

So im using a different payment gateway and everytime a new invoice is created → my backend will add a new row to google sheet and there are no calculations whatsoever in google sheet.

It takes around 3 - 5 mins for glide table to receive update from google sheet, but when i delete the row from glide table → it takes like only 2 seconds to update google sheet.

Is this normal ? or if i upgrade to starter or pro → syncing to google sheet will be much faster ?

Yes, that’s about normal. Upgrading to a paid plan gives you access to “extra sync” mode, which causes an update to occur every 3 minutes when users are active. So that may make it a little quicker, but it will mean you use more updates.

If you upgrade to Pro, then you’ll have access to the Glide API. This would allow you to insert new rows directly into Glide.



We would need a Glide Table, not a Google Sheet in order to use the Glide API, correct?

Google Sheets exist in Glide as Glide Tables. So as far as the API is concerned, they are the same.