I am having to manually sync google sheets everytime

My google sheets that retrieve orders is taking a 30-40 secs to load on the glide app.

can someone tell me why this happens and how i can fix it.

How does the order information find its way into your Google Sheet?

Is it entered via Glide, or does it come from somewhere else?

After an order is confirmed by stripe, glide adds the order to a sheet. There is a parallel duplicate to the sheet that shows order info back to the customer on glide

is it 2 different google sheets, that used in 2 glide app?

or you mean a data copied to other table in same google sheet?


How fast does Stripe confirm/write to your GS the new payment? 6, 8, 10-14 secs?

BTW, do you enable Extra Sync mode on your APP? https://www.glideapps.com/docs/reference/faq/data-refresh

Data copied to another table within the same google sheet.

I have set it to normal

Hola de nuevo…

That is how Normal mode works in Glide:

Normal mode

If you select “Normal” for your project’s Sync mode in Data settings, data from your data source will sync when either (a) your data source notifies us of a change, or (b) Glide has just written to your data source.

If your data is modified by an external source (API, script, spreadsheet functions), Glide can’t know these changes automatically. So if you have this scenario, your App has to use Extra Sync mode to improve the UX.


If it’s not the native buy button that is making Stripe write to your Sheet, I imagine you can use the Glide API to write it to the Sheet, which also makes the sync happen faster.

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It is a buy button from glide. The problem is not glide entering information into sheets. It’s with glide retrieving information from sheets at a very slow pace.

It takes a long time for glide to sync google sheet info to the app.

So changing it to extra mode results in faster sync times for glide is it? I will change it to extra sync mode. Thank you


If it’s a buy button from Glide, then the only way to make it sync faster is enable Extra sync mode.

Please note that all syncs in Extra mode count as updates, even if no data has changed, so it can eat up your quota faster.

I understand, I have set it to extra mode.

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if you want make it more control - better make a hook, and write anything in google (for example using Make. it does not need a payment for such amount of operation).
this force glide to sync.

i mean Make or any other

That could be a good solution as well.