Glide tables mixed with Google sheets

Hi all,

Is it possible to have an app that mixes Glide Tables and Google Sheets (maybe I just can’t figure it out)?

I’ve built my app with Glide Tables and I’m looking for a way to set up subscriptions to monetize. My thought is to use Zapier and a subscription service (Stripe, PayPal, buy me a coffee, etc.) to update a Google sheet with emails of subscribed users, but since I’ve built the app with Glide Tables, I don’t think I can leverage Zapier to do this.


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Based on what I’m seeing, it doesn’t look like you can currently connect to a google sheet if you started your app with only glide tables. If you started your app with google sheets, then yes you can mix google sheets and glide tables.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager. Thats what I thought…

Any idea if there is a public roadmap so I can check to see if this is on the horizon so I don’t have to start my UI from scratch?

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There is no published roadmap. I’m sure it changes daily based on priorities.

You could create an indirect connection to a Google Spreadsheet by leveraging the web hook action. I’m not a Zapier user, so I don’t know if it supports web hooks, but Integromat certainly does. And if your only goal is get your subscribed user emails into a Google Sheet, that should be fairly trivial to do.


For info - Webhooks: Use Zapier to Move Your Data Instantly

Not used it myself.

Was going to look at it the other day but got distracted by something else.

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Zapier does, but you need a pro account, which sucks…ifttt is another good option, and it’s the cheapest of all

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