How to populate a google sheet within glide from a glide table

Hi. If I have a glide table which is being populated by forms and then i have a google sheet in glide where I want to pull certain coloumns from the glide table to the google sheet to perform some calculations

How can I do that?

What kind of calculations? Couldn’t you do the calculations in Glide?

Hi. For example. In one sheet I have the shipment numbers and their respective details. In Google sheets we have created a scheduling program for all shipments.

So from the glide table I need to pull the shipment number coloumn from the glide table to the Google sheet table so that shipments are scheduled via the Google sheet scripts (which is also attached in glide) to be used by the captains to deliver

Another example is that we use a glide table to table a picture of a QR code and need to automatically import that picture into a google sheet which reads the picture and transfers it to a number and then should return it back to glide table (we do this to minimize QR code readings because we want to use glide but cant afford to spend 10 updates per QR code reading)

Another example is that we linked google sheets to a local SMS provider so we need to pull the mobile number coloumn and name from the glide table to the google sheets to be able to send

In essence, how can we automatically exchange coloumns between glide tables and google sheets

Thanks in advance for your help

Why not connect your Google Sheets directly to Glide, and use them as the data source?

If I use Google sheets which is easier for me in this case, and because it is a shipping company, each shipment can consume up to 10 - 15 updates which is not viable and that’s why I was trying to move everything to glide tables to avoid update costs.

I can control the number of updates from Google sheets to glide but from glide to Google sheets is done upon change, edit, etc and that I can’t control

I really like glide but the cost of updates is making the project not viable and I still want to use glide because I think it’s awesome

Which plan are you on?

Have you explored using the Glide API to extract the data that you need?

There are any number of ways that you can write data from columns in one table to another, but ultimately if you are writing to tables connected to external data sources, then updates will be involved. There is probably a way you could structure things so as to minimise updates, but it’s difficult to give any specific advice without understanding more about your current setup.

Perhaps it might be worth your while reaching out to a Glide Expert and get them to take a look and give some advice?

Thanks for your support.

I am on the maker plan because I need the unlimited sign in by clients and don’t mind buying more updates but with so much it become not viable

Agree with you that data structure is important but with delivery people continuously updating data from glide interface eg confirm delivery to client, if client not reachable, if client refuses the order and reason why, etc all will consume updates upon change and edit

Is there a way to use APIs to exchange data every hour regardless number of edits, changes, etc so that sheets would be updated hourly - like a trigger - rather than with every change

Once again, thanks

One thing that might be worth exploring would be to setup a receiving webhook in your GSheets, and then use a Trigger Webhook from Glide to transfer data. (I think you get access to that on Maker? :thinking: )


Thanks for your help