Is Data from Glide Tables sync to Google sheets?

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Did the Glide data cannot pull to Google Sheet?

Can you expand on your question a bit please?

Are you asking whether data stored in Glide Tables is synched to Google Sheets?
If so, the answer is no.

You answered my question.

only in very limited way, you can create action to set google columns with data from glide columns, this way you can copy one row from one table at the time.

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thanks for your explaination!

@Uzo makes a good point. It is possible to do it in a semi-automated way.

The technique in the above post describes how to move data from Google Sheets to Glide Tables, but you could use the same technique to move data in the opposite direction.


best way would be to add an inline list with rows that you wanna copy, and crate an action for that list to add row in google table and set columns with data from from that list… plus create a column to indicate that you click this row… add filter to this inline list to show only unchecked rows… than all you have to do is keep-on clicking list until all lines will disappear

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Good Idea!
Thank you for your brilliant idea .