How to copy data from google sheet to glide table?

I’m a beginner of glide.
Please allow my silly question.

Is there a way to copy the data of google sheets to glide tables easily?

I want to create a simple app.
I searched difference between glide tables and google sheets, and I thought it’s better for me to use only glide tables in my case.

But I prepared data (only text) in google spread sheets.
I find it difficult to copy so much data one by one manually.

Thank you very much.

When you add a new Glide Table, you have an option to choose the data source.
One of those options is to import data from Excel or CSV.
So if you first save your Google Spreadsheet data in one of those two formats, you can import it directly to a Glide Table.


I did that without any problem.

Thank you very much.

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