Switch to Google Sheets

Is it possible to switch from Glide Table to Gsheets after I’ve already started building my app? If yes, how?

I don’t want to copy and paste 300 rows of data.

Conversely, if I copy the app how could I apply my Gsheet to the copied app instead of GTable?

You can export your app’s data in your setting, which emails you a spreadsheet file you can import into Google Sheets.



Thanks for the response. The issue is the 300 rows of data is in the Google Sheet. So I would need to import data from Gsheet to the Gtable, which I’ve read can’t be done at this point.

Any other ideas?

Thank you

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Well there’s no straightforward ways to do this. The biggest problem, I think, is not how to get 300 rows of data in the right place (you can export to Sheets like David said, if you want to import something to Glide table then automate it using the thread below).

But how to get all the computed columns, if you don’t have that many computed columns then I think you can re-do the work in a not too big timespan.