Using Google Sheet in the App which was built using Glide Table

Hello Guys,

I really like new feature of starting an App without Google Sheet. However, since it does not have any option to import bulk data, it is getting difficult to add data at later stage.

Till the time, importing bulk data is not available in Glide, is it possible to reconnect Google Sheets at later stage?


Since there is no import, you can do this twice.
Create a standard Google Sheet app to import the Glide tables.
I made a post and a little video for an import tip :::

And since you can share Glide Tables between several applications, you have to do a “Link to Glide Table” in an application without Google Sheet.


Having to decide how to structure my apps I’m wondering if an import/export function is foreseen at all and, if yes, whether that is expected within the next six months?



It is expected, when 🤷

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