Import Range

Hello everyone!

Need help. I usually use ImportRange formula on Google Sheet to import same data between the apps.
But currently i am moving forward to use fully Glide Table to make my apps faster.
So, what can i do the same with Glide Table from Glide Table?

Use Linked Tables between projects.

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I am sorry but is there any ways to import from Google Sheets?

You can do a one-time import to a new Glide table. Export Google Sheet as CSV → upload to Glide.

CSV is the simplest for a one time import. If it needs to be done on a regular basis then you could use the API. You just need to be aware of and consider the update cost.

Thank you for your thought ! @Darren_Murphy
But not really familiar using API.
Do you have any thread that i can refer to for my case study?