Google sheet in Glide tables app

Hi! I have chosen to build my app through Glide tables. But now I would like to create my clients account and I need to link a data from a Google Sheet I already have. For this I would need to use a google sheet to create the tab in my app but I don’t find the way to add a google sheet as a source as I chose the glide tables option. Any idea how I can do that?

Thanks everyone!

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Don’t believe you can. (Below taken from glide documentation)

Therefore you will need to create a new app :smirk:

I’m sure I will corrected if I’m wrong.


I think you are correct @Rosewebstudio. If you start an app purely with Glide Tables, then it seems like you are stuck with only glide tables as an option. If you start a new app connected to a google sheet, then you can still use mostly glide tables with the occasional google sheet when needed. At the moment, it almost seems like it’s a better option to always choose a google sheet, so you at least have the option if you need it later. It seems like a weird restriction, because we can already point an existing google sheet based app to a different google sheet, so it seems like the capability could be there for glide table based apps, but it’s not at the moment.


Hi guys! Thanks a lot for helping me on this one.
Exactly it’s better to start with a googlesheet source as you can then use both glide and googlesheet tables :slight_smile:


That’s what I currently do :+1: