Start with Glide Tables, then add a GSheet?

Wondering if anyone can answer this or has experience with starting a new app based mostly on Glide Tables.

I have a plan to rebuild an app and I want to use GTables for all of it EXCEPT I’m going to need my data in a GSheet — my plan is to use an action to add a row to a GSheet as part of a process.

Can I start an app as a GTable app, then add a GSheet to it after? My issue is when I start the app, I won’t have an existing GSheet to link to as it won’t exist yet. I suppose I could create a dummy GSheet if necessary, but just wondering the best practices on this.

I don’t have practical experience with this, but I did test it out back when Glide Tables were released. At the time, you could only create a new app from a Google Sheet, but that sheet could be minimal.

Maybe you could experiment with a spreadsheet with only one cell?

Yeah I think that’s what I’ll do. I’m pretty sure if I elect to start with a GTable, there won’t be a way to add a GSheet data source, but I could be wrong. I’ll update this thread later once I give it a shot.

I created an app a few weeks ago before we could go fully glide tables, there is nothing on the Google sheet at all, everything else runs in a glide table.

I think I’ll build a few apps this way for now, just in case I want to add functionality that might require gsheets

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