How to connect/manipulate data inside Glide Tables from the outside

Glide webhooks allow us to send data out of the app, is there any mechanism to do so in reverse (feed data into the app) or am I forced to use Google Sheets instead of Glide Tables for this purpose?

No way at the moment.
Yes you have to use google sheet if you want generate data from outside.

If gtable works like airtable that would be crazy cool.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Is there already a guide on best practices when using Google Sheets? I’m wondering what are the disadvantages. If I store only basic columns in Google Sheets and do all the computing within Glide vs using Glide Tables only?

Do you usually used mixed setups, with one Google Sheet for bulk import and automation and Glide Tables for everything else?

If you only use gtables there is one sync step less and you have no row limits. As far as i know.

From what I read in another thread the row limit is the same in both Sheets & Tables but that this might change in the future. By sync steps you mean the 1.000 sheet updates on the free tier?

Tried to kind of explain things here.