Stripe Payment to Unlock Premium Access

Like a few others on here, I’m trying to set up a system that when someone pays for premium content on Stripe, it automatically updates the user’s access to premium. As someone else mentioned this before, I’m assuming I can use Vlookup to pull something off the app sales sheet that will trigger the user sheet to fill with the word Premium. I’m wondering a few things.

Because I’m still in test mode with Stripe, it’s not populating sales to my ‘App Sales’ sheet (my headers are below). Can someone show me what information it populates with?

Also, if someone has used Vlookup for this, what was the formula you used? Which two fields do you use? I’d love as much details as possible. Thanks!

Hi, do you want to do this as a one time only payment or do you want a subscription type where people are automatically charged, let’s say, monthly or annually?


As an alternative your could also consider payhere

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There is no way to update some column when a stripe payment is completed?

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You can only do this either with a vlookup or a relation + lookup inside Glide, after duplicating the App: Sales sheet.

One time payment

How how?

Why do I need to duplicate the App sales sheet?

You need to duplicate it because that sheet isn’t visible within the Glide data editor. Basically you need to create a read only copy using a query/ArrayFormula


I thought I could see it. I included a screenshot in my first post. Is that not what we’re talking about?

Are you using only Glide tables? I was under the impression that the App: Sales sheet wasn’t available within the Glide Data Editor? @Mark @jason?

I don’t remember if I created this sheet manually myself, or if it was done for me when I linked up Stripe. I would imagine that when I go live with Stripe, my transactions get recorded somewhere in my google sheets, correct? You’re saying they get recorded in a protected Glide Table and that’s why I have to duplicate it into an editable google sheet? Finally, can you show me an example of the type of data that Stripe records to Glide? Thank you!

Since the Stripe - Glide connection became a thing, the App: Sales sheet is an automatically created sheet, which Glide writes to every time an order is created in your app, but does not affect your row count.

That App: Sales sheet is not available for viewing inside the editor, so Robert was asking if you are using a 100% Glide Tables app instead.

In the past, when Glide Tables were not available, we always have to “duplicate” that App: Sales sheet in order to use it inside the Editor, of course at the price of adding more rows to the count.


Much clearer explanation…thanks :wink:


Thank you for that! If I can view the App: Sales sheet inside the editor, how could I replicate it? Where does it live where I could see it?

You can create a new Sheet inside your Google Sheets and use the formula below in cell A1.

={'App! Sales'!A:Z}
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What it means the last space of the stripe payment? ‘Cremaller’?

Normally is the post code if I’m not wrong

Is there a way to modify this? I mean not asking the post code. Because its a digital product which do not need if shipment.

I believe it’s related to the postcode of the card, most payments require some sort of verification of this a part of their security checks. I could be wrong :expressionless:

Not aware that you can modify this