Stripe Payment to Unlock Premium Access

Isn’t that field the CVV of the card (card verification value)? I might be wrong though.

Also you can’t change any of the details on that screen.

Hi @ThinhDinh

It’s definitely the post/zip code.

The CVV box scrolls into view once you enter the expiry date :wink:

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And the ZipCode for a credit card is normal to ask for it? Because it’s the first time that i see that

It’s normal in the US. Even the gas pumps ask for a zip code to verify that the holder of the card is the owner and knowns the billing address for the card.

I always get asked for it in the uk. It’s kind of a security check.

Thanks for the clarification. But I’m on the same boat with @adriasoce, I don’t think I have ever been asked for ZIP code here when I pay using a credit card.

Same. I’d say it’s probably region-specific, and Stripe is clever enough to know when it’s required, based on your location.

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I’m in Spain and it’s the first time that I saw that the postal code is required. That’s nothing related with Glide no?

I honestly don’t know, sorry.

Here is the some documentation from stripe, maybe helpful. Maybe different for other payment providers

When a card payment is submitted to a card issuer for authorization, Stripe provides the CVC, postal code, and billing street address for them to verify (if it’s been collected). The card issuer checks this against the information they have on file for the cardholder. If the provided information doesn’t match, the verification check fails. A failed CVC or postal code check can indicate the payment is fraudulent, so review it carefully before fulfilling the order.


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Is there a way to make it with arraycolumn and vlookup right?

If you want to go the vlookup way, I believe you can vlookup the email column from the Users sheet to the Purchaser email column from the App: Sales sheet, add an IFERROR to handle the error case when no match is found.