How to use stripe sheet to the glide app

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I am sending this message since I need some help. I would like to use the Stripe sheet to display orders paid in my glide app. How may I do it ? Or if anyone has another solution to display the orders paid in my glide app ?

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What I do is the following:
When using sales, use the formula ={‘App: Sales’!A:Z} in a new sheet to duplicate the data and make it accessible through the app. Name that sheet SALES.
Then you do a relation either to the buyer, the item, etc.

Thanks @eltintero for your quick reply ! However I have an error message and it does not works.
Do you know why ? In attachment a screenshot.Capture Glide

Re-type the single quotes in the formula. Sometimes they get translated in the forum to different types of quotes.

Just be mindful of what Stripe data you’re making available in the app. You might want to add row owners to prevent users from accessing one another’s financial data.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager and @eltintero it works now ! :grinning: :grinning:

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Hello again,

I am not able to use data from relation with this new sheet “SALES”, In attachment a screenshot. the field with relation is called “Name Glide”.

could you please help ?

Have you tried a lookup column to pull data from the relation?

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Yes I tried @PabloMFalero and it works thanks !

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Hey @Robert_Petitto, In case we have row owner activated in the Orders sheet, Stripe does not work. Do you have any workaround for this?

Scenario: A new row is created when a user wish to order a new items and than make the payment. If we use row owner in that sheet, user is unable to make the payment.

It should work just fine. Are you placing row owners on an email column in the orders sheet?

Yes, adding on Email Column in Orders sheet. If Row owner is enabled, getting error “This Item no longer exist” while making payment.
If we remove the row owner, it is working fine.