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Hi there,

I’m making a food delivery app where the type of use that’s “customer” can choose food at a restaurant, order and pay through Glide to me, and the “restaurant” type of user can view the orders in a separate tab. But the table with transactions isn’t viewable in the app and I can’t link it as a source to the “Orders” tab.

E.g. If “Restaurant” shares that “scones” are available for purchase, “User” adds them to cart and pays, the transaction is visible in the “App.transactions” tab in Google sheet, but is it possible for the restaurant to also see this transaction in the 'Orders" tab? I.e. can you think the “app.transactions” table to that tab?


I think you’re referring to the App: Sales tab. In that case please create a new sheet and use this arrayformula in cell A1.

={'App: Sales'!A:Z}

To duplicate the sheet for Glide to “see” it.


Thank you very much, it worked.

However, I’m now having an issue with pulling the vendor’s name and email into that new sheet. Since the data is sent through Stripe, there’s no field to enter the vendor’s (restaurant’s) name.
I have a separate sheet with users where the user types (restaurant and customer) are specified, and a sheet with “Foods on offer”, that pulls data of “restaurant” user types (e-mail, etc.). Is there a way to pull that data into the Orders sheet, so that the “restaurant” could only view its own orders?

What fields are you using for the buy button?

If the data you’re writing to App: Sales has some info related to a restaurant then you can do a relation - lookup then filter.

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Customer’s name, user email, SKU, ordered item, amount, price, delivery address, phone number. But these fields come from Stripe payment screen, and there’s no way to customize it by adding the vendor/restaurant to it.
So, I’d like to figure out how to pull the restaurant’s name into the Sales tab in another way.

Isn’t the SKU tied to the restaurant? Or it’s a global SKU for all restaurants?

SKU is tied to the item sold by the restaurant.

But if it’s unique to the restaurant, then you can do a relation - lookup to get the restaurant info back, is that correct?

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Yes, that is correct. Many thanks for your tip, it works now! :smile:

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I have one more question lol.

I have a “Delivered” button which restaurants can press when the order has been completed. The button has two actions - “delete row” with the data of the relevant order from the duplicated App:sales tab, and “adding row” to another tab where all of that restaurant’s completed orders are contained.

However, when I click the button, all the records are erased from the duplicated App:sales tab, not just the completed order. Is there a way to tweak the formula to make sure only the right orders are erased?

As you’re “duplicating” the sales sheet by a formula, when you input something into that range, naturally it will break the formula.

Can you go into more details on why you want to delete that row?

Because I want the orders to disappear from the “Open orders” screen.
Is there another way to do that? I tried adding a boolean column that goes “true” when the delivery button is clicked, but that also erases the data.

Assuming you will never delete anything from the App: Sales sheet (the original one), just add the column after the last column in the duplicated sheet and it will stick.

Also you don’t necessarily have to expand A:Z in the formula. Just expand to the last column you need.

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Me again :slight_smile:

I want to make sure that restaurants can invoice me (app creator) for the % of the products they’ve sold through the app. I’ve got a separate sheet for invoices and I’ve integrated a Zap through which they send me an email with all the details. But the email looks really clunky and unattractive. Is there a way to make a PDF of the invoice generated on screen (see screenshot - there’s an "issue invoice button at the bottom which triggers the Zap) and then send it to me ?


Ideally this would be a PDFMonkey integration to pass the fields on the screen to a HTML template but it’s pretty complex.

I don’t know if this works right, I have just searched for it, maybe you can give it a try.

I created the Zap with GetScreenshot, but it wants the URL of the page I’m screen-grabbing. The URL of the app doesn’t work - I just receive a white blank page PDF in the email I provided.
Should I be using another URL?

Does passing the “link to the current screen” not work? I don’t know if it can grab a screenshot of a screen that requires logging in.

Tried that - still getiting a white page blank PDF :confused: tried it with JPEG too - same result.

So I would recommend using the PDFMonkey approach. It will definitely work, but you would need some time to construct the template.

Actually, I figured it out with Webhook! thanks! :smiley: