"App: Sales" in a Glide Sheet app

I love using Glide Sheets over Google Sheets for the instant responses but I have found myself in a bit of a pickle. I have made a fairly large Glide Sheet app for an organization that will begin charging to unlock content within the app pretty soon. I am wondering why the “App: Sales” data is available when using Google Sheets but not when using Glide Sheets and if this will be introduced any time soon so I can avoid rebuilding the entire app just to access sales info.

It is absolutely necessary sales data is usable to manage orders placed through our apps. Has anyone got an answer to why it isn’t included in a Glide Sheet app and only in a Google Sheet app?

We’re considering adding optional actions to Buy Button and Cart, so you could configure this yourself, and get instant updates after purchases.

All of the App: special tables are Google Sheets-exclusive, and were early solutions that we need to replace.



I think you want to know why “App: Sales” is not created using Glide Tables… right?

I think the reason is that Glide doesn’t have a kind of open API to get it and third-party applications can use it.

I would be forced to provide you and the team with the finest spirits Alabama money can buy if this became reality.


Did this situation change? I made my entire app in glide sheets and now I want to put the buy button but my sales data seems to be going… nowhere?

Always relay on hard copy in google sheets… and build your responses from that

Always relay on hard copy in google sheets… and build your responses from that

That would be nice if there was a google sheet attached to my app but if you start is a glide sheet app there is no google sheet.

It’s now possible to attach one.
Click on the “Add Table” icon, and if your app has no Google Sheet attached, you’ll see an option to add one.


Glide added the option to attach a google sheet to an app that was built with only glide tables. So, yes, you can attach a google sheet now.

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This is live in a separate thread: