"App:Sales" in Glide Tables too

Can we please get the “App: Sales” logs that are automatically created in a google sheet app in our Glide Sheet only apps?

Tracking sale information in the app is huge in 100% of the apps I’ve built that use the buy button.

I’m currently working on an app that marries a kickstarter theme to limited runs of screen printed shirts and can’t display any purchase information due to building the app exclusively with Glide Sheets.

Hola @Jonathon_Kohn,

Would it work if you built your own buy button with Payhere?


Create a dynamic copy of “App: Sales” and work with it to get any sales info.


Read the post please.

Hola de nuevo Jonathon,

If I understood well your problem, you need to read and use “App: Sales” data but as you know, this sheet is “hidden” internally and your APP can’t read nor show it.



His app is made entirely on Glide Tables.


Changed the title of feature resquest for a better understanding

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