Sales sheet connected to Stripe should be visible in the Glide data editor

I know many members have built their own cart without Stripe, however I’ve built two custom carts that take payment via Stripe and I always end up creating a copy of the sales sheet so Glide can pick up the data. This also creates a lag when using visibility conditions and is often the only thing in my way when trying to make GS formula-free Glide apps.

I don’t see the logic in hiding the sheet. A lot of great conditions can be (and sometimes need to be) built based off of information from the same sheet. If the sheet needs to go untouched, maybe ”locking” the data is an option? So that developers can’t edit it but the data can still be read and leveraged from within Glide. Would love to hear other thoughts!


Same goes for the “App: Comments”. In my 1v1 chat I want to show the latest chat datetime and the message that was last sent in each chat (kind of like a Messenger look) but I have to duplicate the information from the tab to do a relation - lookup and that creates lag time in my app.

On “ App- comments” I agree.But, Stripe is a different kettle of fish

That’s why I proposed “locking” the data or making it so that the content itself is not editable.

Being able to leverage the data with relations, lookups, etc. is the aim.


Lisa pls explain to me why you are not able to do those things already?

Second, when you say you have to make a copy, you mean a duplicate or one copying live data from the apps sales sheet using array formula?

I don’t want to jump to conclusions here becz I still don’t quite follow your or thinh dinh predicaments surrounding both these issues becz the way I see ithngs I’m able to do all those things you say you are not able to do and yes inside the Glide editor.

So please help me to see if I can help you.

Thank you.

Because Glide doesn’t offer the automatically generated Comments or Sales sheets as a sheet to work with in the Editor. We have to use formulas to duplicate them in the Sheet for Glide to be able to read it.

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Exactly what @ThinhDinh said. We can create them with Google Sheet formulas but the lag time for things to calculate is not the best user experience.

I prefer to use as little Google Sheets formulas as possible in my apps when I can help it.

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